Real Estate & Investments

Businesses around the world are trying to maximize the efficiency of their real estate portfolios.

Whether you rent space in a single location or have real estate investments in dozens of countries it is a complex matter requiring high-level business and legal support.

"Rebenoks & Vilders" International Law Firm has good experience in representing investors from USA and EU especially from UK, Germany, Norway and Sweden in Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania), Russian Federation and former USSR region (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, etc.).

In order to minimize risks dealing with property, our lawyers will:

Carry out assessment and submit the conclusion about legal basis of deals in relation to acquisition of desirable property.

Develop the optimal scheme and form of deal for each individual case in order to prevent possible financial and legal risks, as well as ensure the simplicity of forming the deal and minimization of taxes.

Provide devolution of property, rights to use and dispose with legal liability.

Offer legal guidance in registration process, defined by state, towards real property and right to use it (purchasing, selling, renting, letting and mortgaging)

Perform analysis and prepare documents about investment project’s compliance with state law, do the documentation of projects in connection with building industrial premises or dwelling houses.

Protect the rights of ownership in court, including preparation of claim statements, representation of interests in courts and arbitration courts, where cases about approval of the ownership and annulment of property deals are being heard as well as other cases related to real property.

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