International Dispute Resolution

"Rebenoks & Vilders" International Law Firm attorneys are highly skilled to litigate complex business cases. We make our litigation strategies to the specific facts of each case and our goal is to achieve a resolution that best addresses our client's particular business needs. Our attorneys are qualified to practice law in various jurisdictions around the world, able to interview witnesses, review documents, draft pleadings, conduct direct and cross-examination, and otherwise work fluently in a variety of languages.

"Rebenoks & Vilders" International Law Firm attorneys have extensive experience of High Court litigation, multi-jurisdiction disputes, particularly in Europe; arbitrations before the International Chamber of Commerce ICC, London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and London maritime arbitration (LMAA); and dispute resolution through mediation.

How We Can Help

- Strategic litigation analysis - Legal opinions on potential liabilities, disputes audits and pre-litigation planning - all designed to help you manage risk on a global or regional basis. 
- Litigation services - From breach of contract to product liability to fraud and asset tracing, we guide you through all aspects of the litigation/arbitral process - court appearances, selection and management of experts, development and execution of strategy, and conduct of hearings and settlement negotiations.
- Alternative dispute resolution - Our attorneys are at the forefront of pioneering ADR techniques and, together with mediators, offer a strong complement to our litigation services.

Our services include:

- Assistance in pre-contentious negotiations and counseling on alternative dispute resolution techniques to help resolve matters quickly to protect your interests and meet your business needs.
- Providing strategic advice to help you decide when arbitration clauses are appropriate and which forums are best suited to protect your interests and meet your business objectives.
- Selecting arbitrators who are experienced and qualified.
- Enforcing arbitration awards by locating and attaching assets throughout the world.
- Managing the entire arbitral process, from developing your case to appearing as counsel in local courts or before arbitral panels, to challenging the award and representing you in any appeal.

"Rebenoks & Vilders" International Law Firm offers to represent your interests in following authorities:

1. Courts
2. State establishments

Representation in court

Any quarrels and arguments before turning to court authorities can and should be resolved before, with an assistance of third, independent side, whose role can be taken by our lawyers. In the same time, there is no denying the fact that in court presence of experienced sworn advocate is extremely important.

Office’s lawyers will represent your interests and accomplish client’s defense in arbitration courts as well as in courts of general jurisdiction, offering

• Preparation of claims
• Preparation of procedural documents, conditioned in normative acts (statements of claim, statements of compensation, claim’s recalls, explanations, pleadings etc.)
• Representation of clients interests during all stages in Administrative, Criminal and Civil processes, in arbitration court and also constitutional court.

Representation in state establishments

Every businessman or inhabitant has had interaction with different state establishments. So everyone knows how hard it sometimes can be to get officials to perform their duties, obligated by state, in order to receive different types of references, permissions, licenses or reject unfounded demands and claims. Many feel fear to conflict with state establishments so as not to make life more complicated in future. The best solution in such case is to turn to a professional lawyer.

We represent our client’s interests in state establishments, local governments, and different executive offices, in registries. Our knowledge of normative acts and great experience representing authorized persons helps us to resolve your questions fast and with legal methods. As practice shows – also officials sometimes don’t have that proper knowledge of the law.

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